Brave wallet didn't back up and/or restore correctly?

I need help with figuring this out… I recently factory reset my laptop and backed up my Brave Wallet recovery phrase. I had saved up like almost 30 USD in BAT and when I input my recovery phrase, I was given a message along the lines of, “Success! 0 BAT restored.” What!? I don’t know what happened but I want to know if there’s any way I can have this looked at and maybe even fixed as I still have my recovery phrase/code.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

@Shubunkin - is your wallet verified with Uphold?

No, I wasn’t using uphold. I was under the impression that one does not need to use Uphold to be able to back up and restore their wallet.

@steeven Do I need uphold?

you do not need uphold he was asking to know if the issue related to uphold or your builtin reward wallet

hope that make it clear

and hope your issue fixed soon


I have a similar issue that I posted in April 14th.

Do you know what they did to solve?
They unlisted my topic.

So I wish you good luck! Because without it nothing will happen.

mention steven here and they will help you but remmber it’s saturday so it’s off

maybe they replay at monday or tuesday depend on the load or work

have a nice day

i’m having pretty much the same issue. I have BAT stored up but keep getting a message asking me to create a wallet, then it fails to create and sends to join up to affiliates which i do not want to do. I had been using my BAT to tip YouTubers but suddenly can’t access my funds even though I already have a Wallet!

Oh heyy I’ve seen you around on the forums. Any luck with anyone else? Do you think I should @ steeven or someone else?

No luck so far. :frowning:

@steeven @Mattches I understand you probably have a lot going on and it seems like this is a pretty widespread problem. Will you update us if anything new comes up?

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Was the BAT in your account self-funded or were they sourced by grants?

It was earned through viewing ads.

@Shubunkin FYI my issue was solved by @steeven


same here for the 2nd time

Wonderful! Thank you.

It seems i was happily using my BAT to tip people and twitter folk were tipping me for some of my tweets but now Brave say’s you have to join a third party to create your wallet but Brave takes no responsibility for any thing that goes wrong with the third party, sounds very reassuring. here’s the contract they want you to enter pasted below

3. Activation & Deactivation, User Wallet, Uphold Wallet

3.1 Activation

To become a Brave Rewards User, you must activate the Services within your Brave browser, and review and accept these Terms with Company.

When you activate the Services, a BAT user wallet will be created for you in the Brave browser (“ User Wallet ”) through a third party wallet provider, Uphold, Inc. (“ Uphold ”). You agree to comply with Uphold’s Terms and Conditions, available at, in connection with your use of the User Wallet. You may be required to complete additional verification steps with ‘Uphold’ before using certain features of the Services. Company has no responsibility or liability with respect to any disputes or any relations whatsoever between you and Uphold.

I am Not at Ease with this Company Uphold Whoever they may be, so it seems I’m at a Standoff, I can no longer access my BAT thanks to this decision by BRAVE, nice of them to warn us. There really is no point in keeping the browser since I cannot enjoy the fruits of my labor. Thanks for Trying Brave, Very Disappointing!


Why do you ask?

he asked cause he want to figure out what is the cause of the issue and he is brave employee do not worry

hope that clear his question and have a nice day

Yes I know, thanks. I just wanted to ping him because I haven’t heard back from anyone regarding my issue. I’ve DMed @steeven but no one has helped me yet. I know that other people have been helped so I will just keep on waiting for now.