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Dear Colleagues,

Even though I earned 12,470 BAT in July, 0.18 BAT is transferred to my wallet. What is the reason of this?
There is an example in the picture below

Ensure that you have the latest Brave version.
Keep your browser open for long periods during the day to allow proper reconciliation.
And wait until the end of July to see the result.

On the Web Browser It shows that i have tokens but when i click on the wallet, sign in and go to show more assets they are not there. do i have to use uphold and/or gemini? or is there a way to move them to that wallet?

If you mean Brave Wallet, it is not related to Brave Rewards. You cannot move rewards to Brave Wallet.

At the moment you can only link Uphold, Gemini or BitFlyer depending on your region.


@HiKudo Brave Wallet is separate from Brave rewards. To move your Brave Rewards to Brave Wallet, you will have to first verify Brave Rewards with Uphold/Gemini and then make a transfer from there.

Also do note that transactions from Brave wallet will be on-chain (Ethereum network) and will require Ethereum in addition to BAT to process and that would be costlier.


Well, I guess I’d be also concerned for that BAT amount not being credited, but I’m more curious about how in the world did you manage to get over 12K BATs on a month…


It’s not 12K BAT. It’s 12.457 :smiley:

Comma is used as decimal in most of the countries. You can check that his balance shows 0,000 where English users see 0.000

Oh, didn’t think about that… Hahaha, now I feel dumb :expressionless:

I updated the Brave browser to the latest version. I will write the result at the end of July. This problem does not occur in the Android system.

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