Wallet not created?

Description of the issue:

After using Brave browser for a couple of years, I just discovered that it hasn’t created a wallet! When I installed the Android app it said that the wallet was automatically created. It shows zero earnings although in Settings it’s 0,750

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Android app in Greek language

Expected result:
BAT earnings

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Latest version 1.20.108

Mobile Device details
Redmi Note 7 - Android 10 - MIUI 12.0.3

Additional Information:
Country: Greece and Language: Greek!
For some reason, I am not allowed to attach screenshots.

Hi @Start i’m not sure of your problem but let’s give it a shot, when you go to chrome://rewards-internals/ what do you see?

I’m having same issue of wallet not verifying. It shows all my stuff with no external wallet how do I fix this? @JohnDproof I’ve already verified with uphold etc . The verify arrow won’t go away and when i click it the browser app crashes

@Liquidoutl4w in your external wallet info it says there’s no wallet but in my side it says wallet not connected. It seems something went wrong with the verification. Do you have linked the same uphold account to other wallets?

I wonder. I had an error trying to pair it via cell. Then I used the link via laptop in my email. I wonder if it went to that one instead, what do I need to do to fix that?

Is there a way to message you directly to send you the wallet email?

Sorry but I have no idea.

Could it be that you reached the limit of 4 wallets linked to uphold?

No it’s only 1 not sure I wonder if I can delete the wallet

Well, if it is the first wallet you are linking then go to your uphold account in the settings look for an option of linked apps or something similar, brave browser should appear there

Ya I did that I deleted the link. It then said BAT isn’t supported in my region yet which is strange because I can trade bat normally lol. Oh well that’s probably why then

Check this link https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

I’m having similar issues…I already have an UPHOLD account linked to my Brave Rewards. I have 3 devices syncing to Brave. I have claimed rewards. My laptop rewards still read ZERO (with 1.680BAT pending). My phone reads 0.750 BAT (with 0.150 BAT pending. And, my PC reads 0.50 BAT (with 0.80 pending) and my uphold account says 0.50 BAT. Only my PC wallet is verified. Brave won’t let me verify on my laptop or phone. When I click the login button on my laptop it does not redirect to allow me to login to my uphold account. I have to login in to uphold in a different tab. When I click the verify wallet button on my phone, it does nothing. I don’t know if there is a syncing problem or if I need to create a local wallet for each device. This is very frustrating. So, why won’t my already created Uphold account verify on my laptop or phone BUT is verified on my PC? (Same account)? It doesn’t make sense that I am verified only on one of my devices. Also, none of the BAT I am earning is showing up in my Brave Rewards on my laptop. It still reads ZERO!!!

you need a minimum of 25 bat to be able to verify our wallet in your phone

you sure you are doing it right :thinking: ? when you click to verify it doesn’t give you an option to use an account already created?