Sync done but wallet ain't

i sync my mobile brave with my pc brave, but on my phone it does not appear the wallet i already had on my pc.
and it doesnt even let me verify!
is it normal? do i need to have 2 diferent wallets? on pc one and mobile other?

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Sync does not include Brave Rewards data at this time.

so i will have 2 different wallets one on my phone browser other on pc browser?

Mattches via Brave Community <> escreveu no dia terça, 16/02/2021 à(s) 22:18:

in this post from June last year, we were told that Brave Sync v2 would “soon” be able to sync rewards as well. Now eigth months later this is still not the case. Currently there seems to be absolutely no way to support my creators with BAT on my Android device because it is still impossible to send tokens there unless I watch 25 BAT worth of ads first. I find this is in stark contrast with what Brave is promoting itself. Now Brave on Android practically forces its users to watch a large number of ads or else bars them from paying the content creators they follow. So my question would be: if you still plan to support the syncing of rewards as you said before, when can we expect this feature to be finally rolled out?

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You can verify your wallets with uphold, that each wallet has the same amount and all gets sent to the same place.

yes. that is what i want to do. so how can i do that? on uphold?

Mattches via Brave Community <> escreveu no dia quarta, 17/02/2021 à(s) 19:57:

Yes – you can use the link in my previous reply and follow the steps to verify your browser wallet(s) with Uphold.

ah. ok havent noticed.
thank you very much. again. you’re always saving me. kk.
have a nice work bro.

Mattches via Brave Community <> escreveu no dia quinta, 18/02/2021 à(s) 03:09:

This doesn’t work with mobile browser. Following instructions on your link, which is just clicking the verify wallet link on the rewards settings page, just brings up a message that you need 25 BAT to verify. I upgrade phones recently and I’m kind of miffed that I once again have to generate 25 BAT before I can verify

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True! I tried it and got the same message. I need 25 BAT.

At this time, that is the only way to verify on Android devices. We are working on more user friendly alternatives, but for the time being having the 25BAT in your browser wallet is the only way to verify.

well yes. it does not work. i will have to wait for the 25bat to join phone browser wallet with pc browser wallet.
its ok, no other browser is paying nothing soo. brave still is the best on that alone. not to mention the rest.

and thank again for the support.

Mattches via Brave Community <> escreveu no dia quinta, 18/02/2021 à(s) 18:01:

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