Verify wallet not appearing in Android browser

So Android on my pixel 2XL says I have about 80 BAT, but I discovered that it’s not transferring to my uphold account. So I checked the rewards-internals page, and it says that my wallet hadn’t been created. Ok, but it turns out that I don’t seem to have a way to verify and attach my phone’s yards to my uphold account.
Version info and wallet interface in screenshots

Update: having the same issue on my Lenovo tablet running Android 9. Uninstalling and reinstalling Brave gave be the verify link, but it also wiped out my accumulated BAT. It was only about 4BAT, so not a huge deal, but trying the same thing on my phone will wipe out over 80 BAT. I’m really hoping that there’s a way to avoid that, because I’d like to cash it out to pay my electric bill

Update 2: I tried nothing and it worked. Go figure. Brave just sent a bunch of BAT to my Uphold account and I can breathe easy.

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