Wallet leaves the country

Hello! I had UPHOLD linked to my account, but now they stop their activity in my country. Tell me how to get rewards now? Thanks for the reply.


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To answer the question!
Do nothing, now just collect these tokens.
I have an account publisher, now I do not understand whether it makes sense to collect these tokens.

@art2603 and @Rus1k Overall it’s like Bananas12, said, you can just leave it alone and it should keep building. They aren’t closing the account but are just putting restrictions on to prevent you from converting it. Eventually when restrictions are removed or eased, you will be able to withdraw. I’m not sure if you can still tip or not with it, but at least it will turn into a bit of a savings for you.

Your other option is to transfer all your existing BAT in Uphold to your bank or another wallet, then to close Uphold account. Keep in mind it says if you have a $0 balance during that time (well, no currency in your account), they will close it. If this is going to happen, then I suggest you immediately complete a Wallet unlinking request form and then send a DM to Mattches advising that you need this done ASAP since you’ll be closing the account. Then all the BAT you’d be earning would be stored on your browser until you can connect to a Verified wallet again in the future. This is more dangerous in that if you no longer can access the device or you do something like uninstall Brave, you’d lost all BAT you earn, but the positive is if would guarantee BAT at your disposal and if any other options for a wallet become available, you’d be able to transfer it over and it wouldn’t be “frozen” on Uphold.

@Saoiray You misunderstood the question, in more detail it sounds like this: the UPHOLD wallet stops working with my country, the Gemini wallet no longer works in the country. That’s the question, how and where to withdraw the earned BAT?

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@art2603 No, I did not misunderstand the question. Currently BAT is in Uphold. You can currently turn it into fiat, which is real money. Or you could turn that into other cryptocurrency like BTC and move it to another wallet that is accepted in Russia. This only answers how and where to withdraw earned BAT if you are referring to what you had. Then there was other option to leave it alone and let it keep going to Uphold, but you won’t be able to touch it until they open it back up again.

Then I target future possibility. Currently BAT can only be put to Uphold or Gemini for custodial wallet. If you keep Uphold, it will go there but be frozen. So other option is to unlink your wallet (which requires the form and all I mentioned) that way your BAT will stay in your browser and allow you to tip it.

Those are your only options because other things aren’t yet available.

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So explanation is:

Option #1. Sit and do nothing, it keeps growing but you can’t touch.

Option #2. You pull out all from Uphold and then close the account, make sure to unlink Brave. All BAT put into Brave where it will stay until the future. We do not know when or if Uphold will reopen. If you withdraw all in Uphold, then it is zero balance ands they will close the account if you do it. With it closed, you’d need to make sure BAT no longer tries to send there, so you cancel.

Think about it, Russia restriction might be a month, 6 months, 1 year, or permanent. Nobody knows. So it’s a question of whether you want to leave it locked up and sitting there until available again? In the meanwhile, Brave is expanding Brave Wallet eventually, adding Solana chain, and even might have Bitflyer as a third option. No idea when that happens, but since we don’t know time, it’s which gamble you wish to take.

That said, currently only way for BAT from Brave Rewards to be turned into money or go anywhere outside of your browser is to be Gemini or Uphold. You have no other options, except to keep it in your browser until those changes happen. That’s what I’m trying to say…at least for now.

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I’ll tell you a secret.
Everything you write is true, of course, but in part.
Accumulate BAT can only in the browser. Uphold wallets are already blocked (deleted), if the balance $0
The man asks how you can withdraw them or not otherwise from the browser.
You can not do it at this time.

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Yes, I said this. I think more than saying I misunderstood is maybe the language difference makes it harder to understand? Especially if not fluent or using a translator to and from English?

If that is correct, then my saying too much was difficult.

Totally agree.
You just said that you can accumulate tokens in Uphold
But this is not true, because wallets of unsupported countries are not frozen, but deleted.

If you read what the notice from Uphold says, they mentioned that it is restricted, it does not say frozen or deleted.

It also only mentioned being deleted if you have a zero balance. So as long as you have a balance remaining with them it should not be deleted. And I believe they will still be accepting payments from Brave but the difficulty will be in removing it.

If you have an account that is in Russia you may want to write to Uphold to verify that

Accounts in your jurisdiction that remain funded after this period may be restricted. This means that you’ll have to contact our customer services team, resulting in possible delays and inconvenience. Accounts with zero balances will be automatically closed.

It will not be possible to replenish these wallets after 72 hours. And funds will be frozen and you can withdraw them only through support.
All other accounts will be blocked, hence deleted.
I was given an explanation in support uphold

OK so you are saying something different than the emails that I had the screenshot of above. I wonder why they are saying two different things. I will try to write them when I wake up in the morning and see if they can answer me. I appreciate you sharing what you had been told so we can see that there is a difference.

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Here’s what UPHOLD says about Russia:
"We regret to inform you that as a result of a routine risk check, we are no longer able to provide services in your country

We regret this policy change, which has become necessary due to factors beyond our control.

Please withdraw your funds from the Uphold platform within the next 72 hours to avoid unnecessary delays."
And yes, for reference, Gemini wallet also does not work in my country.

Да ничего не делать.Тупо теперь тупо остается собирать эти токены.А у меня аккаунт издателя к uphold подвязан.

Are you kidding? The problem is not to withdraw now, the problem is how to withdraw in the future. And no need to shove advertising for your YouTube channel where they are not asked. If you don’t know the answer, move on.

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Let me outline the problem again: how and where, in the future, to withdraw the earned BAT, if UPHOLD and Gemeni do not work in the country (uphold disconnected Russia from his wallet)

@Mattches @steeven Could you shed some light on this, please?

Это не мой ютуб, просто хотел сделать доброе дело. Я понял что вопрос был не о бедующем, а о настоящем. Так что на меня не гони.

You don’t. Not until either Gemini/Uphold restore service to Russia, or Brave incorporates a different wallet that does provide service in Russia.
You either accumulate it in a wallet from which it cannot be withdrawn, or you accumulate it in your browser from which it also cannot be withdrawn but where you can at least spend it. …Or you stop watching ads for the time being…