Uphold is pulling out of my country. What will happen to my BAT

Uphold just send me a text to clear out my wallet by withdraw or go use another wallet platform by the end of 14th August or else.

I am residing in Cambodia. been using brave for quit sometime now, I used brave on all of my mac and android devices. Their were many payments issue in the past ,but some worked out just fine. I was able to accumulated around 13 USD.

Uphold has many issue in the past including their server was down, log in issue and the bat doesn’t transfer to the uphold wallet… But we all put up with it cause Uphold was the ONLY wallet company that Brave has partner up with. Now Uphold just said “we can’t provide you our service anymore” (well something like that) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. What can I do?

First of all Cambodia is in a “Gray Zone” of Crypto currency law. It is legal to Hold on to the Crypto asset but it’s forbidden by the NBC( National bank of Cambodia) for transaction through any bank system in the country. So legally I can hold on to any crypto asset, and could move the asset from one platform to another platform online. But I can’t withdraw the cash through the banking system in this country.

SO what other platform can I use now?

You can move the BAT to another crypto platform, but I don’t know enough about them to recommend one. I do know that the transfer fees can vary widely, so do some research before you choose one. Gemini wallets will soon be an option for transferring Brave Rewards. Hopefully it will be available in Cambodia, as well.

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Send it over to Coinbase or whatever other wallet place you want. You will lose some money in the transfer. Or withdraw it to your bank account and get a nice meal for it.

@xMovingTarget You missed the part about not being allowed by his country’s banking laws to put it into a bank account.

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I recommend you to create a Coinbase account and then from the Uphold Dashboard, select the option to transfer your Crypto.

There select XRP (It has the lowest Transaction Fee) then transfer all the bat to your Coinbase account.

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According to Coinbase’s Web site, XRP is currently not available for trade (since 19 January).

Ohh, I wasn’t aware of that. I use a different a different app for crypto and I convert my BAT to XRP since the tax is around $0.001.

@xMovingTarget Instead of Coinbase, try any other big crypto apps, there are a lot to choose from!

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Really? That suxx. Crazy. How would he then ever be able to get the money into his hands.

Send all the bats to Xrp adreess in binnace… then use a revolut account to withdraw the money

Using REVOLUT with Binnace or straight from uphold with revolut!

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It should not be that big of an issue. Make an account on any other crypto exchange app like Binance, Coinbase etc. and transfer your crypto over there. It is actually a fairly easy process.

Even more so I will give you a pro tip : If you directly transfer BAT, then it being an ERC20 token (Ethereum based) it will cost you almost all of it to transfer (12+ BAT). So, to avoid that much gas fee, convert your BAT to XLM or XRP in Uphold and then try to transfer that to other wallet/exchange as these coins have the least transaction fee and then if you want you can again convert it to BAT on the other exchange or can even keep it as it is.

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Thanks you all for your tips. I’m able to transfer my balance to my Coinbase account now.

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Yep I can’t making exchange for XRP.

Use Binance instead of Coinbase…

I had suggested it to you in my last post.

Yes i’m creating the Binance account now. But need to do the verification first.

Sure, do let me know if you face any issues or if you need more detailed steps on how to convert BAT into XRP… Since I had just explained it in very small points…

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Dude withdraw to uphold and convert to xrp , network fees less than a cent . Send xrp to any exchange and trade it for usdt or whatever

Bro we had established this knowledge. And FYI we are talking about Not using Uphold , not the other way around.

I was be able to move my XRP to Coinbase but can’t send it to Binance cause it doesn’t reach the minimum limited amount :laughing:. It was 22 XRP, mine have only 18. So to be able to move my XRP anywhere I have to send more XRP to Coinbase :joy: to reach XRP minimum. Which mean I get stuck.Just wait for the next pay out to be able to release my XRP from Coinbase :sob:.

Why use coinbase mate , some exchanges and wallets have 21 xrp locked amount based on blockchain protocol . Use binance or ftx instead mate. Uphold is not that pain in the ass . I am sure there lot or fiat gateways to cash out xrp without any fuss even excluding those i mentioned. Xrp is literally designed for payments mate .

Well at first, ItzMeRajat recommended Coinbase :laughing: so I jumped the gun. And then Rosiecar said that coinbase stoped trade xrp. But it was a bit too late. I didn’t know the minimum limited rule until verifying my Binance and stated to transfer xrp.