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I just heard back from Uphold and wanted to pass along their response in what will happen to all users in Russia and affected regions where they are canceling service. Their specific answer is:

Thank you for contacting the Uphold support team. I hope you are doing well. My name is Monica, and I’ll be happy to help you today.

Firstly, we do hate pulling out of territories and hope to be back soon. However, for now, we are no longer providing our services in your country

We recommend you please withdraw your funds within 72 hours. After that period, the account will be restricted to only allow restrictive withdrawals . That means that you can’t use your Uphold account to receive Brave rewards.

Again, we do hope to be back soon but can only do so if and when we’re confident that we are in compliance with all of the necessary requirements.

Best Regards,

Monica and the Uphold Team

What we do need to find out is if @Mattches and @steeven can answer if they will be unlinking wallets or how it will work for receiving BAT here in the future. Will it automatically stop sending BAT to affected wallets, will they need to fill out an Unlink form, or what?

In any case, once that’s resolved it will mean you will only be able to receive BAT in your browser and it will only be able to be used to tip creators or to continue saving. You will not be able to send or receive BAT from that Uphold account.

This also means it will be important to immediately remove all your BAT in Uphold account so you have access to your money from it. Otherwise it may be incredibly difficult to access later.

We’re in contact with Uphold for more information. We will update accordingly. Uphold will also be sending out a message to affected Uphold users and countries very soon.

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@chriscat Appreciate it. Guess question I knew needed resolved is if you guys will recognize wallets and automatically disconnect, if would be attempting to send and possibly have issues on payment, or what? A lot have been worried about what to do with BAT if it’s really not going to be able to go to Uphold as they stated in their last response to me here.

It’s going to be a headache if they are all going to have to submit wallet unlink requests and get y’all to handle it that way.

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