Uphold no longer serves Russian users. Where to send BAT tokens now?

This post applies only to Russian users verified on the Uphold exchange.
Yesterday I received this message in the mail:
“Our services in your country
Hi Nikolai,
We regret to inform you that as a result of a routine risk review we are no longer able to provide services in your country.
We’re sorry for this change of policy, which has been made necessary by factors beyond our control.
Please kindly withdraw your funds from the Uphold platform within the next 72 hours in order to avoid unnecessary delay.
Accounts in your jurisdiction that remain funded after this period may be restricted. This means that you’ll have to contact our customer services team, resulting in possible delays and inconvenience. Accounts with zero balances will be automatically closed.
We’re sorry to say goodbye for now - but do hope to be back in your country soon.
Thanks for using Uphold and we greatly appreciate your understanding.
Kind regards,
Team Uphold”

Support please give an answer, which exchange to connect? Only two Uphold and Gemini are available and they do not cooperate with Russia.

When will there be new exchanges that are available to Russian users?


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I would also like to know whether you can connect another Uphold Wallet to the publisher’s account?
Will not block the account because of this?

I have a same question.

You can’t use anything if you’re in Russia or Ukraine. You will only be able to store the BAT on your browser. Currently the staff at brave is in conversation with Uphold and trying to figure out solutions. However at this time the assumption is that you just can’t do anything except let it grow within your browser and maybe tip creators


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