Wallet browser built-in , can it safe bat?

1- I created brave wallet, can I send my bat to brave wallet,because I’m afraid of crashing browser app or reinstall browser and lost my bat , can brave wallet keep my bat safe if I delete app and reinstall it?

2-is there a problem if I stopped auto-contributing ,Does it affect me receiving bats?


Atendiendo tu pregunta. La wallet de brave, no almacena tus datos de BAT obtenidos por recompensas, por tal motivo no se hace copia de seguridad.

No obtante, te brinda la obsion de guardar tus BAT en una billetera de uphold o Gemini, dependiendo de tu reguien.
Te recomiendo que primero crees tu billetera individual, ya que si lo haces por el incono de brave, no te permitira hasta que acumules la cantidad de BAT minimo.

Te comparto el link de uphold: www.uhold.com

Hello, answering your question. The brave wallet does not store your BAT data obtained by rewards, for this reason no backup is made. However, it gives you the option of saving your BATs in an uphold or Gemini wallet, depending on your regimen. I recommend that you first create your individual wallet, since if you do it for the brave icon, it will not allow you until you accumulate the minimum amount of BAT. I share the uphold link: www.uhold.com

I reinstalled my brave browser and I lost more than $25.00 worth of Bat.
Is there any way to retrieve my reward?

Problems with uphold an gemini needs idintity verification, and them didn’t accept my national id .

brave wallet can’t secure Brave BAT crypto, what to take advantage of brave wallet!!! and needs other’s wallets ,to keep brave bats safe !!!, funny thing brave maker do !!!

Nope, only thing it affects is you won’t be providing BAT to people and it will instead stay in your browser.

Not directly and it would cost you more money than it’s worth it put it there in the long run. If you want to use BAT for anything more than tipping content creators, the only way you can do it is by having Uphold or Gemini and linking your account to them, if your region is supported and you meet all legal requirements.

No, that is something else. If you have an Unverified wallet, there’s no official backup & restore method for BAT. There are unofficial methods for people with Desktop to possibly move to a new device, but it’s not guaranteed.

Overall, I’d highly recommend you go to my FAQ and read everything there if you can. It has more detailed answers than I’ve given you here and might help you in understanding more about Brave and BAT. You can see the FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Probably not. I advise same thing as I did Shady, check out that FAQ. It covers things in greater detail and likely will include information and things you’re not aware of now. If you had unverified browser and you reset the browser, you threw away all BAT that was in it. If you had it connected to Uphold or Gemini, then it should still be there.

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