My bat balance saying will be paid out but i not linked any wallet

the balance of the bat coins / token or what ever it is , saying that they will be paid out . but as i remember i didn’t link any wallet to my browser . where they will go ? and will i be able to control them any where they will be sent ?

the payout processing will go to your browser wallet you will be able to claim it once its finished processing so do not panic. its perfectly nomal to show this at the end of every month even without a verified uphold or gemini account.

To make it clear @kingwolf ,

If your brave://rewards wallet is not verified, you’ll see a claim notification and the BAT will be deposit to your brave;//rewards wallet.

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can i still be able to contact with you from that e mails and you answer me ?

i want to reset the brave browser to the defaults … and clear all the cache and cookies and browsing history .
so , do i need to back up my coins to the computer ( as example ) because i use the windows 10 brave browser version .
so , when i back up the coins i can find them any where i need . and where to read more about those stuffs .
and , is there a cloud service for that back up too .

  • i didn’t verify my Gemini wallet or the other wallet … i still have the " bat " on browser board .

and today your browser want to stealed some money and said : " i have contributed 0.250 BAT. " .
what that , i earn them to be stolen or what is the >>>>

Go to your Rewards settings and turn off Auto-Contribute. You currently have it on in that screenshot.

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