Quetion for browser wallet

i have some bat in my wallet in brave://rewards/ but not in uphold(bat not transfer in uphold) my question if i uninstall brave or reinstall do i lose my bat ! (my token only in browser not uphold )

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Hello @amineznc

unfortunately yes
the only way to save them is to link it to uphold account

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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i have have verifed wallet i link my account with uphold but probleme is i my bat not transfer to uphold

i think the min amount for the first sync require 25 bat

another question what you mean with reinstall brave will that include reinstall the OS or just reinstall it on same device and on current os and same user account?

i have 1 devise my quetion just i ask if i lost acces in this devise do i lost my bat because i dont get paid for half year .
if any idea to keep my bat safe with code or any thing to storage untel fix this probleme

let me ask @steeven if there such option

and have a nice day for both of you

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