Brave rewards to Brave Wallet

how to sent BAT directly to brave wallet?
Please share a link or something that explain how it works.

Ps. I Don’t want to use gemini or uphold, they have high taxes and I had the worst experience using it.

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Brave wallet and Brave rewards are different things and don’t work together

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I think @Guaxinim is saying he wants to store his Rewards (BAT) in his Brave wallet. Isn’t that possible?

“You can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet” per .

I can’t find that quote on the linked page.

Anyway, given the expense of the eth network, perhaps it’s just cost prohibitive ?

If you expand this item in the collapsed list at the bottom, it’s in there:

But yeah, for the rest of the question here, I got nothing. Haven’t tried it myself yet, considering waiting until it gets another GA release before trying it. We’ll see.

There is some interesting discussion here:

it’s saying what I said. cost prohibitive

So you “can store BAT you’ve earned through Brave Rewards in the Brave Wallet” but you can’t do so directly? Is that correct? You still have to go through Uphold or Gemini, which many people do not want to do so their BAT just collects. So Brave is giving BAT to people but not making it go from the browser to the browser wallet. Am I understanding this correctly?

I have no other crypto wallets and this is what I see, but clicking “Get Started” takes me to a crypto PW prompt and Brave Wallet PW creation prompt. I have no crypto PW, just the 24 word recovery phrase, and creating a Brave Wallet PW by itself will not let me continue, so despite what that screenshot says, I can import nothing.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 11.33.13 AM

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