Are you experiencing an issue connecting the VPN?

Users Experiencing an Issue when Attempting to Connect VPN

Over the last weekend (8/14-8/15), Guardian was in the process of migrating some infrastructure in order to optimize performance to better serve users of the Brave Firewall+VPN. During this process, some users might have experienced an interruption of service causing trouble connecting the VPN.

This interruption was caused by the Brave Firewall + VPN attempting to connect to a server that had been re-provisioned by this migration, rather than forgetting the old host to re-connect to the new ones. Guardian’s engineers were notified immediately of the issue and paused migration to ensure that users were able to resolve this issue with the following steps:

Full Resolution:

  1. First please select “reset configuration,” in the settings via Brave>settings>Brave Firewall + VPN.
  2. Once the old host is cleared, please force-close the app completely, and
  3. then open your system settings to delete the VPN profile. Settings>general>VPN, then tap on the (i) to see where to delete the VPN.
  4. Now re-open Brave and turn on the VPN to start a fresh connection.

I am new to Brave and I cannot locate where the vpn is to switch it off. Some sites I am trying to access are denying me because the Brave browser has defaulted to the built-in vpn being on, but I cannot see anything in the settings anywhere. When looking at the instructions above, I don’t even have a “general” section in my settings, and when I search “vpn” in my settings it says nothing is found. Help?

Hi Bryan!

My apology for this confusion. Since you noted you are new to Brave, have you purchased the Brave Firewall + VPN service or are you just trying out the Brave Browser? This Firewall + VPN is only available for purchase to be used on iOS devices at this time. If you are using a desktop computer or Android device, the Firewall + VPN is not available.

If this is the case and you are having issues with websites loading, look at the search bar in the browser and tap on the Brave shield logo. You can turn Brave Shields on or off. The website might work better if you try turning off the shield from this icon.

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