Cannot enable the Brave VPN

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc): iPhone XR

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ): iOS 14.2

**Detailed description of the behavior:

Hello, I use Brave VPN last month and already paid for subscription until January 27th 2021. But now I can’t enable the VPN (I found similar issues in this forum)

Can you help me fix this issue?**

Oh if you ask my VPN profile it looks like this

I appear to have the same issue. At some point over the last week the VPN stopped auto-connecting. Setting connect on demand switch didn’t help. Attempts to connect never got beyond connecting… bc it would revert to disconnected. I deleted the vpn profile to attempt a reinstall. I now get the same error as reported in this post. I have other VPN profiles, like, which continue to work when I enable them. Problem appears to be specific to my Brave VPN. Please let me know how to resolve.

Hi !

My apology for these interruptions. We are investigating this issue as it appears to not clear upon our instructions to reset configuration and clear the cache.

Please open your Brave app and select
Settings > Brave Firewall + VPN > Contact Technical Support.
When the box opens, please be sure to select App Store Receipt so that we can review the subscription status. We want you to be connected as soon as possible and as consistently as possible.


I do not see a contact support option under settings/ firewall & vpn. The only option is a dialogue to enable the vpn profile. When I click on that button, I get the error as described.

I did find and attempt so use the contact tech support option prior to deleting the vpn profile. I selected all options and clicked the button multiple times. Nothing ever happened. Eventually I force closes the app and deleted the profile in an attempt to start from a clean slate.


Since the install VPN profile page seems to be blocking you from the settings page, please send an email to “brave at guardianapp dot com” so that we can request some individual data in order to help resolve this issue. We do not specifically collect data from users so any details that can be shared directly will help us get to a full resolution.