Please allow ads with VPN, at least in same country

I understand that ad contracts are for certain regions but most of the people who a want to use a privacy focused browser are going to use a VPN for privacy. I’m in the US and usually have my VPN set to a US based server because it is faster and still secure. However my ads stop showing up in Brave while using the VPN. I want to continue to support Brave while also earning we l rewards for the ads but not at the expense of safety and privacy. There has to be a way to have our ads from Brave and still use VPNs. Can you please look into this? There is already a setting in rewards where you set the region for ads. Just make that the only region we can receive ads from. If a user moves to a new region just makes it so they have to notify support to manually change their region. This way we can use a VPN in the same region as our account is set up for.

I’ve suggested this already for verified users as it would be possible for Brave to get location from uphold vs ip

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