Using VPN on Brave but not for ads

I was unaware of the fact that using vpn on brave for getting different region ads will result in termination of our brave reward account.
I use to use VPN, but NOT FOR ADS! I use VPN to surf web to get contents from developed nations (mainly on YouTube, for tech support from USA, and other similar reasons). I use VPNs to unlock sites which sometimes is not available in India (like checking price of goods in other countries for comparison). (NO PIRACY! :grin: )
It was never my motive to unlock ads from other reasons… I did this for about 3-4 months…
Now I am unable to see any sponsored wallpaper and ads which used to come in new tabs… I just get notifications (ads).
Is this related to my surfing with VPNs?
Should I continue using VPN on Brave?
Its not bcoz you’re using vpn… there is no sponsored image ads to see right now.

There is no problem with using a VPN with Brave as long as you are using VPN servers in the same region where you are physically located. However, the VPN blocks the automatic refilling of the Brave ads catalog. Here’s the workaround:

  1. Turn off your VPN
  2. Close and reopen Brave
  3. Wait until you start receiving notification ads (5-15 minutes)
  4. Turn your VPN on again

The ads catalog holds only about a day’s worth of ads, so you will need to use this procedure once per day.

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