Videos being glitched and flashing, and small glitching/visual errors

I first saw that videos on Youtube were flashing, glitching out, lagging and other weird things, i thought that the video was just weirdly edited so i checked out other videos and still the same issue, i updated my pc, my drivers, turned my pc off and on, checked for updates for Brave, but nothing, videos were still all weird and glitched, even on other video platforms, i also noticed some weird glitching on all websites, either just pixels being offset or broken, i checked Edge and nothing broken on there.

It’s easy for me to redo this glitch, just play a video, or just have a non playing video and it happens, im not sure if this only happens on me though.


I would love to get help to fix this, or just find out if its just me having this issue, but if its not just me then it would be great for this to be fixed.

It happens almost always, sometimes works normally for a second or so but then glitches again.

I use Windows 11, and my Brave Browser version is 1.41.96

It could be some simple conflicting program, or settings i did that can cause but im not really sure, i would love to get some help

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