Youtube videos look terrible only in Brave

I have just downloaded Version 1.61.116 Chromium: 120.0.6099.217 (Official Build) (64-bit) and quickly discovered YT videos look very glitchy. The problem is with dark colors, they seem to not show correctly with bleeding and artifacts that I don’t see using other browsers. I have an Asus ROG Stryx 17 laptop with a 4090 graphics card running Window 11, I should not be having problems with graphics. I have tried various settings, shutting off hardware acceleration, etc, but the problem persists. Granted, I’m new to Brave and have only used it for a day, but I can’t find an obvious fix. I will try to include a screenshot showing an example of the problem:

OK I just had a look with another browser and the image I posted looks fine. Clearly the problem is with all graphics and not just YT. So you probably won’t see the glitches on the left side of the screenshot, but I do. But only using Brave. Looks fine with Opera, for instance. Any ideas?

Edit: I think I fixed the problem by manually changing some Windows system > display settings to force high-performance graphics and especially by changing the Armory Crate profile setting from Cinema to Default. No idea why Cinema would be a problem but apparently Brave doesn’t like it. I’m leaving this post up until it gets auto-deleted so others who encounter the same problem I was having can benefit from my experience. The image I posted now looks good even in Brave.

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