Video playback freezes

Description of the issue:

  1. Video freezes regularly, once or twice during every video or second video,
  2. Refreshing it reenables playback, although commonly this requires exiting the page to the Snap message.
  3. This problem only surfaced in July. Before that, no issues, playback was smooth.

Expected result:
Uninterrupted video playback.

Brave Version:
1.27.109, although the same thing happened on the previous version.

Additional Information:
My isp hasn’t changed. I’ve tried clearing cookies and cache, and switching hardware acceleration on and off. These things have had no effect.

Check whether the issue persists in a fresh user profile.


Thank you very much for your fast reply Rethanis.

I will follow up on what you’ve posted and report back.

I’m a bit puzzled by my results.

I created a new profile, made sure there were no extensions listed, then started playing one of the first videos that appeared when i brought up YouTube.

As usual, it ran for a while before freezing. I refreshed, got the Page Unresponsive message then chose to Exit the page and got the Snap message. This is how things commonly play out in my usual profile.

When i looked at the Brave Task Manager, YouTube was using 99% of CPU. I also saw that a Honey extension was showing, which i use on my normal profile, but which didn’t appear on the Extensions page of my test profile (it was empty).

It was only using something like 2% of CPU, but i ended it just to be sure. This didn’t make a difference.

When i reloaded, the video started playing again, but a while later it froze again. It froze 3 or 4 times during playback, which was worse than i get on my usual profile. Each time, CPU was very high, the highest of all tasks.

I tried waiting, rather than exiting the page the second time, but nothing happened and i ended up exiting.

Each time after page exit, i reloaded and the video worked fine for a while.

This is a screen capture of the Task Manager after i closed down Honey:

I just noticed there are other extensions besides Brave extensions listed, but none appear in the Extensions window and these are using 0 CPU.

Did you have both user profiles opened at the same time during your tests?

No, i shut down my usual profile and made sure that the new profile was the only one running.

I find it weird an extension from another, closed, user profile is running in a newly created user profile.

Have you checked whether disabling Brave Shields completely while in YouTube via the Brave Shields icon in the address bar make any difference?

Yes, i also find it odd. But just to be clear on what closing a profile means, i closed my usual profile window, so that only the new window with the new profile was open. Did i miss or get something wrong?

I didn’t think of disabling shields on YouTube because playback was fine before July (and maybe partway into it) with Shields Up. Still, that sounds like a good idea so i tried it: the result was the same ie video on YouTube freezing.

No, you did everything correctly.

Are you experiencing the same issue on other browsers while using the same extensions?

I haven’t really used other browsers since moving to Brave.

But i’ll give 2 or 3 browsers a try and report back.

That would be great. Testing in Google Chrome might be just enough, however you could also test in Microsoft Edge since it’s another Chromium-based browser.

I forgot to ask you to check flags. Could you open brave://flags and take a screenshot?

I did the testing before i saw your post, but i think the results still might be useful.

I used 3 browsers: Safari, Chrome and Maxthon. I didn’t test for hours, but i used them for up to around 20 minutes.

Safari ran ok most of the time, although it paused on occasion and did freeze once—but not like Brave. With Safari i hit refresh and video started playing again right away. I didn’t need to go through several intermediate stages like with Brave ie refresh, get Page Unresponsive message, Exit the page, get the Snap Message then reload.

Chrome behaved like Brave, except it didn’t seem to freeze as much. I’m not sure this would carry through over a longer period, but that’s certainly how it seemed for the time i ran it.

Then i tried Maxthon and had no problems at all. This is pretty much like how Brave run until last month.

With the flags, i disovered there are a lot of them, so i’m just going to add a screenshot of the first page. Let me know if you’d like to see the others or specific ones. I wasn’t even aware of this page, so haven’t changed any settings here (i don’t know if changes i might make elsewhere affect them).

First of all, thank you for taking your time and testing in other browsers, that definitely helps me in my attempts to help you.

Makes me think the issue isn’t related to Brave itself. Is that extension Honey an extension you can uninstall for a specific period of time? I mean, do you lose any data or anything by uninstalling it? I sincerely hate the fact it kept running in a brand new user profile when it wasn’t even installed in that user profile.

Thanks Rethanis.

I will test again with a new profile to make sure i didn’t make any errors, and if the same thing happens i’ll look into Honey and see about uninstalling.

I will report back, probably tomorrow.

Sure. Let me know if you find/notice anything.

Alright, i created a new profile again, checked no extensions appeared on the Extensions list, closed my normal profile and started up the Task Manager.

Sure enough, there was Honey again. So that at least confirms what i said originally.

However i was a little concerned about deleting Honey altogether, so just disabled it. I checked the Task Manager again, and Honey no longer appeared on it.

However after i got some way into my first YouTube video it froze again.

A clean user profile in Google Chrome has the same behavior more or less, right?

Yes, more or less. It didn’t freeze the first time until an ad was about to play. The second time it coincided with a Chrome error. The third time, though, was just like ‘usual.’

(I meant to edit my last post rather than delete it.)

If the unusual behavior persists in another web browser, we can conclude the issue isn’t Brave-specific.

I’m repeating myself, but I don’t think Honey’s behavior is normal, I would look into it if I were you.

If you can give up on extensions for a specific period of time, uninstall Honey and disable the rest of them, after which you could test YouTube’s behavior in a clear user profile. I believe both Google Chrome and Brave are not responsible for YouTube’s behavior, the issue is either related to an extension (ehm, Honey) or something else outside the browsers.