After update to 1.13.82 crashes randomly when watching video

Description of the issue:

Browser locks up randomly when playing videos, occurs in both normal and private windows on YouTube, and other video sites. Audio continues playing but everything is non-responsive and frozen. Similar in behavior to when a video device context is lost. In addition to this, there appears to be a memory issue afterwards (even after reopening after a killall -9 brave) that occurs when I close a window that causes brave to have to redraw (I’m using a tiling window manager, i3) a portion of one of the videos during a previous crash appears in the space needing to be redrawn for 1 paint cycle. Can be reproduced by opening and closing windows that causes Brave to resize.

Does not seem to occur when hw accel is disabled

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use version 1.13.82
  2. Watch a video

Expected result:

Playback with no freezing.

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.13.82
Additional Information: Ubuntu 19.10, i3 version 4.18

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