YouTube videos will not play. Stuck on Pause

Description of issue: I just installed Brave Browser a week ago on a new computer and everything has been working fine. I’ve installed 3 extensions, Reddit Enhancement Suite, LastPass, and Google Translate with no issues. Today when I turned my computer on I was unable to play YouTube videos and other media. It hangs on the first frame and after pressing ‘Play’ it turns to a ‘Pause’ button. I have tried disabling hardware acceleration, using a guest profile, disabling all extensions and trying with shields on and off. I have the latest update to Brave.

Brave Version:
Version 1.29.76 Chromium: 93.0.4577.58 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Check whether the issue persists in a fresh user profile, that will tell us whether something has gone wrong with your current user profile. I don’t suggest giving up on your current user profile, we’ll try to fix it if it turns out there is something wrong.

Make sure only the fresh user profile is active during your tests, close all browser windows of your current user profile.

Thanks for replying!

I created a new user profile and restarted brave browser but YouTube videos would still not play. I then restarted the computer, opened Brave and selected the new profile and went to YouTube and videos now played! I closed Brave and reopened and selected my old profile and videos now played on that profile too.

Seems like creating a new profile and restarting my computer afterwards was enough to kickstart Brave.

Thank you!


You are welcome! Glad your issue is gone for the moment, definitely an interesting outcome (the way you made it work) :smiley:

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Glad that did the trick – it is a bit of a weird fix though but hey don’t look a gift horse in the mouth right?

Don’t hesitate to reach out again if the issue presents itself again.