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I am unaware if I am the only one facing this issue but whenever I use the Brave browser on my laptop to play a video on youtube, it always lags and loads slower. Sometimes the audio leads the video, AND every time, even with a full signal for wifi, the video keeps buffering. If the cause is in the browser, then try to correct this or if it’s something I can solve, then please provide some tips to resolve my issue and improve my browsing experience.

Could you try in a private window / a new profile?

Hello @BadKarma026

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. As @SmartyAadi mentioned could you kindly try to use a private windows to see if the issue persist?

Be waiting for your response!

Thanx brother it is doing better on private window and sorry for late reply as i was trying different videos

Sorry @Alice2095 for the late reply, I was trying different videos and yes it works better on private video. One is currently playing in the background and I have not heard a single pause in the audio even at a 1080p quality set. If you know the reason please do tell me the way to resolve it

Coukd you disable all extensions and try? Probably that’s the issue.

It seems disabling some did the wonder. It seems to work fine now but I still need some time to check if it happens again. Anyway, thank you🙏

Hi again! @BadKarma026

I’m happy that for now the issue is solved. If you have any other question or the issue comes back let us know.

Have a great day. :wave:

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