Very high background usage on windows 11

I am using brave browser for over a year now and i keep having the same problem a very high battery usage in the background i tried getting a new battery and it still didn’t help and i tried getting help from other people but nothing worked and it sucks because its using 27% of the battery in the background in 25 minutes on my windows 11 laptop so i was wondering if someone has a fix for it so i wont need to use edge (and dont suggest getting a new battery cuz i already did)


In a new Brave browser window, go to:

Clear as much cache and data as you can. Quit everything and Restart your Windows machine.

Troubleshooting tools

Windows 11 Task Manager help:

Monitoring your network connections via NetLimiter 4:

Using at least the Task Manager . . .

In a new Brave browser window, go to:

Test both settings for the Hardware Acceleration swtich.

Re your comment: “but nothing worked” – it would help, here, to know specifically what did not work.

Screenshots will help your report to Brave support.

the usage that is shows now is a bit low but its cuz i charaged the laptop like 25 mins ago

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