Background activity in windows 11 and high power usage

brave is running in the background and taking a lot of battery and also when running

  1. I am running brave on windows 11 and when i checked my battery usage I saw brave taking 27% of the battery within 13 minutes in the background
  2. I cannot change the background activities to brave for some reason and i need help
    3.i have turned every background option in the settings off btw
  3. i am sure that 27% in 15 minuts isnt right and i am going to school and i run brave and i am not finished even with one class and my battery is dead to please help me

i hope brave wont eat my battery and i wont have to switch browser cuz i love brave (great job brave team)

i am running brave version V1.31.91 and i have windows up to date

I have been facing the same issues, Whereas other browers have less than 5% battery consumption in the Background. Yes I’ve tried tweaking the settings i.e enable hardware acceleration, enable/ disabling scripts, etc no major difference still backgrnd usage is over 38% for 24hr. BRAVE USING 87% of the battery with only 50% actual usage rest in background.
I like the browser and the incentive based ad system, but at the end of the day, I feel i should switch back to my previous browser as the cost of battery replacement outweighs all the rewards. This is literally eating away at the battery in the background.
Brave team should focus on reducing background consumption of energy.

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