High CPU usage when Brave is open (no matter in which page)

Hello, I have a Dell laptop running Windows 11. I’m a long time Brave fan, but for the last weeks, it is impossible to use Brave on my laptop.
I noticed that the CPU usage, with the “System” process using about 30% of the CPU, and making the fan to be on all the time. It was annoying, until I discovered that when I closed the Brave browser, the symptom run away, and the system became normal again.
When the Brave browser is closed, the System process uses less than 1% of the CPU. As soon as I open Brave, the System process starts using about 30% of the CPU and the fan speeds up. Even if I have only one tab opened, in the Brave main page. The image below shows this behavior, where Brave was on the home page, nothing else. It doesn’t matter how much time I leave Brave opened, this behavior continues. When I left the computer running alone for several hours doing nothing, it had some BSOD, which may be related with Brave (I’m not totally sure about it).
I had to swith back to Chrome (meh) because is annoying using the computer with Brave opened. I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave, but the problem persisted.

Does anyone have a suggestion of what I could do?

Thank you!


Exactly what is happening with my Dell Vostro 3520, I7, 16GB, Windows 11 pro.

Show the image of Task manager with all apps/processes Fully Expanded(While CPU Usage is high(Make sure only Brave Browser is opened while you take a screenshot))

Try a New profile

  1. Also try turning on Hardware acceleration in settings page
  2. Update drivers

I also have the same problem in this new instalation.
It crashes even when writing, resulting in a delay.
The mouse is also slow.

I formatted the computer and installed Brave and nothing else.
So I only have Windows installed and Brave.

Check the built-in task manager in Brave via ≡ -> More Tools -> Task Manager Also test in private window mode.

I tried with a private window, the symptom is the same. I left onl one window of Brave opened in private mode, and the System started consuming more than 30% of the CPU. I checked the Task manager, it showed 7 tasks, but none of them consuming more than 1% of CPU. The problem is with the System process on Windows.

How did you install Brave browser ->>>From brave.com or freeware software based websites ?

Have You Checked the Command Line of your Task Manager ?

I just created a Temp profile and took a Screenshot of task manager only while that temp profile has been opened and all other main browser profiles were closed.

Since when you started to Experience this issue ? what was your Last recently installed software before this issue started to happen ? Have you considered turning off Real time protection for your Antivirus ? Most of the times, it could also be your Antivirus which could be spiking up ntoskrnl.exe System usage… So Turn it off , Perform a Restart and see if it makes a difference.

I installed directly from brave.com (usually is the first thing I do in a new computer). This laptop is new (I received it about 40 days ago). I’m not quite sure since when I experienced the issue, because I suspected that Brave was causing it in the past week, and I always felt that the laptop whas somewhat slow. I don’t have antivirus installed. Since I use this laptop just for work, I don’t have any software that I could suspect.

Microsoft Defender is an Antivirus, Since you said your Laptop is New and you haven’t installed 3rd party Antivirus, Microsoft Defender would be Still Running… Show me the screenshot of Status of Microsoft Defender.

For me i have turned off Windows defender since the last 6+ months as i felt like i dont need any external protections other than the Brave Shields as i dont install any new softwares on my Windows 8.1 PC anymore and also know how to handle this OS Effectively on my own with Just Firewall, UAC and Smartscreen being ON.

Using the builtin task manager within Brave (not the windows task manager), should show you which tabs or extensions is causing issues.

Note, Brave (like Chromium) is a multi-threaded application so see many processes is expected. Each extension, tab will have its own process.

I just discovered that when I open Postman (I installed the Windows application of Postman) the exact same problem occurs. If I open Brave and Postman togheter, the System continues to consume about 30% of the CPU (so, it consumes 30% of CPU if either Brave or Postman are opened, or if both are opened). I have no idea what Brave and Postman have in common to show the same symptom. Sometimes it gives me ideas of throwing this laptop against the wall, other times to format and install Ubuntu in it…

Maybe its scanning or monitoring the browser? If its an issue with Postman, I would lodge a report with them. And link to this thread.

Brave by itself is good for low system resources, but the moment extensions or 3rd-party app interactions are introduced, that adds another level of issues. I only test Brave with a default install, no extensions. Since that is the default for anyone. Problem/buggy extensions or apps should be dealt by the respective authors to fix.

It is happening with LibreOffice as well.

I have the same issue with Brave triggering high CPU usage by System. It started when I updated os on my Dell XPS laptop to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Before that I never had any problems with Brave. For years. Even after restoring Windows 10 the same issue is still happening. I tried uninstalling Brave and installing it again. It didn’t help either. Don’t know what else to do. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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I have been having exactly the same problem since the most recent Brave update

current vrsion and config:

|Brave|1.62.162 Chromium: 121.0.6167.164 (Official Build) (64-bit)
|OS|Windows 11 Version 23H2 (Build 22631.3007)|

When launching Brave the windows “System” CPU jumps up to 14% as shown in the Windows Task Manager and stays there causing my PC fans to run. In Windows Task Manager the Brave process tree shows low CPU usage as does the inbuilt Brave Task Manager, just single digit usage of the GPU process.

It is ONLY Brave which causes this to occur, and trying the same in Firefox, Chrome and Edge produces no noticable increase in Windows System CPU utilisation.

I have tried reinstalling Brave with a new blank profile but this has exactly the same effect of the CPU utilisation jumping up to about 15%. I looks like a recent change the Brave is causing a conflict with Windows 11 which results in the raised System CPU utilisation.

≡ → More Tools → Task Manager

See which tab/ extension is showing the usage

I have now determined that this high System CPU utilisation occurs when the Hardware Acceleration feature in the Brave settings is enabled. Once disabled the System CPU on my machine is routinely less than 1% when idle.

This points to an incompatability between Brave and Windows 11 hardware/drivers on my machine at least. Having the Hardware Acceleration enabled in Chrome does not have this effect, so it is obviously related to Brave code.


It is not any Brave tab or extension using the CPU. Brave is causing the Windows System process (ntoskrnl.exe) to have excessive CPU utililisation when the Hardware Acceleration setting is enabled.

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I have exactly the same behavior on my Dell XPS 9530 and I can also confirm that disabling Hardware Acceleration fixes it immediately. It’s so silent now without fans running constantly…


You might have figured this out already but I had the same problem and fixed it my forcing brave to use my integrated graphics card. I did it from the settings. It was in the graphics part of windows settings. if you cant find it try to google it is quite hard for me to explain since my system is in a different language

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