Vertical tab inconsistency Win/MacOS

I’ve been with Edge because vertical tabs were a feature I wanted and needed personally.

With v-tabs on Brave, I have come back.
On Windows, v-tabs behave oddly as per my expectations and experience:

  • collapsed tab bar displays favicons when collapsed, favicons disappear on mouse-over/expand. This is not good because I have to go from aiming at icons to words (I know, first world problem).
  • v-tabs have no X to close them when they expand (I need to right-click/close)

On MacOS, the behaviour is as expected - namely favicons remain when I mouse-over the tab bar and the v-tabs have little Xs to close them (convenient).

Thanks for listening, if someone has a solution, workaround or this can be fixed as a bug, it would be cool. I have 47 v-tabs open at present so rely on it working as in Edge (sorry for the dirty word) and in MacOS.

It’s also worth mentioning the scroll up/down in the expanded v-tab list seems to get blocked when I scroll it with my mouse wheel. Only on Windows…!

You can use Brave Nightly.

if nightly is the only answer, I give up and will check back in 3 months. My primary platform is Windows and it bugs me enough to stop using brave and go back to edge.

it could be that I installed brave using winget. But that seems silly.