Verticle Tab Disappearance

So uh apparently my vertical tabs disappear after the latest update 1.52/1.58. Though it only disappear once your in full screen but it reappear when you exit out of full screen. That’s still convenient but I would prefer to work with a full screen. I know the vertical tab might still be a WIP, though it was perfectly fine before the latest update. Is it actually just me that’s having this problem? Is there a way to fix/solve this issue? If so, do please let me know how.

Update Brave, yesterday there was an update for this, to revert the hide tabs in Fullscreen, which is something I have seen browsers doing all the time, and that was a problem because Full screen doesn’t show horizontal tabs but was showing vertical tabs.

So, I don’t know how full screen works in MacOS and I don’t care to understand it, but today on Nightly, Brave already implemented a ‘hover to show tabs in full screen’, that means, Stable eventually will get it, where you can go full screen but still get tabs if needed when you hover the left side of the screen.

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I appreciate the advice, I just realize that there was an “relaunched button” on the brave settings. Apparently my brave wasn’t actually up to date even though it was updated. Now my vertical tabs are back in full screen mode.

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