Vertical Tabs "scroll bar"

Hey Brave staff,

Loving the new Vertical Tabs, they are awesome :slight_smile: .

Bit of feedback. Mine has no scroll bar. Normally this is not a problem as I have a mouse wheel, but my mouse wheel is… less than conforming sometimes (its some linux issue, I’ve bought three mouses, its not the mouse and I can’t be bothered to fix it). When I scroll down, sometimes it flicks up a little, and vice versa. It is very frustrating if I have… say, 50 tabs open n the bar which is very common for me when editing things. I can’t scroll up and down properly and I’m flicking up and down constantly. Whereas my little tiny tabs at the top just compact so there isn’t scrolling. But the vertical is nicer, I can “see wtf the tabs are”. I prefer it, but a scroll bar would be great.

Just some little slim one or something… if possible… would be really nice. Size doesn’t really matter but one that shows up when you get over the 25ish required to fill the vertical bar entirely would be great. Not there until you reach that point because its clean and smooth when its less than that on my screen.

Thanks a ton for this feature, its awesome :slight_smile:.


Edge has this and makes navigating the vertical tabs much more intuitive. The scroll bar appears when the tabs are expanded on mouse hover.