Side / Vertical Tabs

We are testing Brave and it is great!

However, a complete hard-stop and total dealbreaker (i.e., why we cannot use Brave) is that it apparently was released without support for side/vertical tabs, which have been available in many leading browsers (e.g., Firefox, Opera) for more than a decade, either natively (preferably) or with extensions.

The reason why millions of users require side/vertical tabs are several, including that they:

 A.  Let users see much better and more clearly what tabs they have open; and
 B.  Use the much larger side space on today's wide aspect ratio monitors, rather than "wasting" the much more precious space at the top of the screen (as top tabs do).

Indeed, many computer experts have said precisely the above. E.g., Steve Gibson on his award-winning podcast, “Security Now”.

So, can Brave please add this mission-critical feature sometime in March 2020? If so, that would be great! Thanks!

Kind regards,
Evan Katz
New York, N.Y.
Managing Director, Crawford Ventures, Inc.
Former Director on the Hedge Fund Association (“HFA”) Board of Directors
Former Contributing Editor of “Personal Computing” Magazine