Verifying Uphold. Why?

I’m just wondering if I am missing something here. Is there a way to redeem these BAT without an Uphold account? I really do not want to be “verifying” my account by giving out information like my SSN to some random company online. I started signing up to Uphold but then canceled it once I saw they want my SSN. It’s pretty sad that this information being needed is not mentioned before hand. I feel like I just wasted my time clicking ads for nothing. I enabled ads with the intent of getting Amazon gift cards from Brave Rewards, once I finally got enough BAT I find out there is nothing I can do now because it requires information I’m am not willing to give.

For a privacy focused company, it’s kind of odd you would require people to use a site that requires that kind of information be given. I have used quite a few sites that reward you for using them and not one of them has ever asked for this type of information.


Gemini probably coming next. But they may require same thing. And then Brave will eventually be doing their own wallet soon too. Seen it on their reddit page. Hopefully theirs will not require it. You can just keep mass accumulating BAT until you find a wallet of your choice. By then you may have so much when you do cash out, you’ll be buying more than a cheeseburger.


Thanks for the info. Hopefully this is not just a waste of time for me.

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