Uphold unusable and untrustworthy

I am actively trying to add funds to my BAT wallet to reward the websites I use. I have tried several times over the last 6 months to verify my identity through Uphold, and it just doesn’t work. No error messages, I just get stuck at some point in the process with no way to continue. The text on Uphold.com makes it sound like I might need to verify my identity just to auto-contribute. However, that is a non-issue now, as I’ve reached the point where I will not trust Uphold with money for any reason. None of their software works correctly for me, and there are so many reports of fraud.

I know this is something that can’t be changed quickly, but I just want to submit this as one data point. There is at least one person trying to inject money and support the BAT system who can’t & won’t because of the terrible partnership with Uphold.

Thanks for the feedback @Reprieve

Did you try the verification process via

For the option 2, can you try again with shield disabled via Brave icon at URL bar? It’s per site shield settings and will not affect other sites.

@eljuno Most recently I tried at uphold.com using Brave. However, after seeing what a bad reputation Uphold has, I don’t feel comfortable trusting them with my identity or money, even if there is a workaround.

I have the same concerns. I’m apparently about to lose BAT I’ve earned because I’m not set up with Uphold. I tried to create an account, but they require a copy of my ID, and I refuse to provide such personal information.

I have a Coinbase account. Am I able to use that?

That would be a nice feature, to have Coinbase available to use instead of Uphold. I don’t even see a function to simply withdraw my BAT to another wallet on Uphold.

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