Can I earn rewards without Uphold?

Want to send Bat rewards to different Wallet without it ever touching Uphold. I set up a wallet under the “crypto wallets” tab, so why cant I just use my own wallet that is actually private? If Uphold is the only way, Ill just stop using brave. I believe in the concept, you FAILED if you require a wallet that reduces privacy to the opposite of the intent of private browsing and crypto itself. And, I really dont care if you adopt some new security standard - the failure is where I have to enter my social at all. Ever.

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Apologies for the disappointment. At this time, yes, to get your BAT from your local wallet to another wallet, you’ll need to verify with a custodial account such as Uphold or Gemini.

Why my Bat decreases?
It was 38$
Going down slowly now 32.89$
Even Brave’s 2 hand in ordinary people’s pockets​:rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
If people earn money from adds, it should be real money and should remains as it is!!!
Secondly why should we sign up with Uphold!!
Uphold is for Cripto.Brave tries to sign up people as many as it can with with Cripto.Forcing people to sign up with Cripto and reveal their ID.where is privacy!!
That’s disappointing and discussing.
Why don’t you make it easier??
Most people have PayPal.Let people have real money and transfer their money wherever they want

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