Uphold Holding BAT for Ransom?

Finally got my payout and now Uphold is refusing to let me put BAT in Ledger unless I give them my SSN. Based on my knowledge of IRS requirement and based on what other Uphold employees have said, I do not need to give them my SSN unless I am trading crypto. Using Brave and getting payout that just sister unless I want to trade that worthless token to someone else isn’t crypto money making trades.

Has anyone else had this issue? The last 2 Decembers we have gone through this headache and they finally see that I am correct. Then the year goes by and Dec. comes around again, and they try holding my bunk for ransom and coerce me to give up my SSN that I do not want to share with them. So tonight I tried moving what’s left of the BAT to Gemini, but Uphold isn’t happy about this so the shut me out and are playing the email back and forth bunk now.

Am I and other employees I’ve spoken to wrong in thinking I do not need to give up this SSN in order to just collect BAT from Brave? Or even just want to move it to a different wallet?

They no longer let me verify my account unless I give up the SSN. My accounts been verified for over 2 yrs. smh

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@Saoiray @SaltyBanana any idea about this ?

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Uphold the worst e-wallet I’ve ever used

Yeah man I just want to get my BAT and leave, but they want my last bit of INFO although I’ve been verified for 2 yrs. I don’t trust them with my SSN.

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Well I finally managed to get my BAT out. Was like pulling teeth. Is Gemini my only option now?

Then usually you’re out of luck

We are required to hold it by law since your profile indicates you’re either a U.S. citizen or a U.S. resident. Without an SSN, we can’t issue your 1099 Tax Form, which you’ll need for your annual tax filing.

If you are no longer a citizen or resident of the United States, please contact our support team who’ll be happy to help.

Every cryptocurrency platform operating in the United States will ask for your SSN if you’re a U.S. citizen or resident.


For US customers, Gemini is required by law to collect your SSN/SIN to comply with local regulations and licensing requirements

To learn more about how we safely and securely store this information, please refer to our Security page.


The same is said for Coinbase and other exchanges. This is ESPECIALLY if you happen to be from the United States. Which, from what I’ve seen in your posts in the past, you claim to be from the United States.

Another website (I nevyer heard of Luno before, don’t know if they are legit, but I like their explanation), which kind of links to better details, is:

A Social Security number (SSN) is a 9-digit number that the US government issues to all US citizens and eligible residents who apply for one.

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, the USA PATRIOT Act, a Federal Law, requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information identifying each person who opens an account.

It’s for this reason that we ask our US customers to enter their SSN as part of the sign-up process.


Doesn’t matter if you’re moving to a bank or not, having any holdings on an exchange is something the government wants to track. They claim it’s to fight terrorism and money laundering. There are governments outside of the USA that are starting to get stricter on that too. Many nations are calling for regulation of all crypto.

The only way you’ll be able to avoid providing those details are if you’re running completely on DeFi.

My issue with them wasn’t taxes and SSN in general as Coinbase already has that info from ans has had it for years. It’s Uphold that I had a problem with. I just wanted to take my BAT and leave them, but the wouldn’t release it unless I gave them the SSN.

That’s why I wish we had more options than Uphold and Gemini. So again my question is if these are the only two options right now? Now that I’m done with Uphold is there really only Gemini or nothing?

Correct. That’s why I mentioned all I did. They can’t give it to you without having that info, as they are also having to report that info to the US government. The IRS and others are keeping an eye on it all.

Yes, those are the only options.


Sorry bro, I didn’t see that last part
Then Gemini it is.

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