Verified Uphold account after a few months and BAT not in Uphold Account

Hello. Sorry if it seems like this question was asked repeatedly but I have a issue with the Rewards.
I have been using Brave and had the Rewards system enabled since around February and it’s about now that I have actually verified my uphold account. I got some BAT into my uphold account today but its only from what I earned this month and not previous months. Could anyone help me out with helping me get the rest into my account please?

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It’s really difficult to verify my uphold account. I have months trying. Can i use another wallet? Can i use an another person’s account?


I’m right there with you. I’ve had Brave since last year and received a few deposits but over the last few months I have not received anything and assumed I might have turned off the adds by accident. After checking again today and looking at the forum it seems like they are having a huge problem with rewards. I hope that the team can help everyone get this straightened out.

I have the same issue here :frowning:

did anyone receive any help or updates? Is this an known issue to the dev/QA team?

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