Brave Rewards Creators keep disconnecting from Uphold

Hi there, some of the customers care should solve this? It’s going on from the last month, it says: “Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection is out of date.”

Even if I have selected the “keep connection alive for 30 days” in the options page.

Contacted Uphold C.S. and they said it’s all ok from their side.

I reconnect with no problem and it remains connected for less than 1 day!!!. Than it says again: “Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection is out of date.”.

Today it’s happened 3(three)times in a row already…

I have stored few BAT( Last Deposit Date: 2022-08-18) … But… I wish to move them to my Uphold account with your permission

Best regards

It’s an hold issue. Happening since July or so.
Just reconnect when you see that message. It’s harmless.

I suspect Uphold triggers this flag every time something in the Uphold account changes, including when you receive your rewards or trade something.

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Not harmless at all as my BAT cannot be used and got stuck in an unreachable place…

They are not stuck. The payout will start on the 13st Nov. Only then your BAT will be transferred to Uphold.
We are suffering from that message for a couple of months. And payouts have been received.
What I do is just revisiting the creators account from time to time and reconnect.

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I’m not here to talk with other customers… Keep your opinions with you, thank 4 your msg bro… I have explicit request the help of C.C.S. or Mod. …

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This is the community. You came to the wrong place then.
If you want support, you must contact Brave Support using the link below

Anyway, thanks for your welcome. You are really a nice guy and so pleasant for those who try to help you :slight_smile:

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