My brave creator rewards not getting connected to uphol

I have a verified uphold account and i had received brave creator rewards payment last month but now it is showing we are having trouble communicating with uphold and even after clicking on continue to verify nothing is happening and same thing is shown again


Hi @Gsr, what happens when you click on ‘continue to verify’?

It directs me to new window were my uphold wallet opens but the brave creator rewards page keeps showing the same thing again and it keeps on showing samething that is continue to verify

Hi @steeven, I am also having this same issue, it first appeared 2 days ago, then I simply disconnected it and reconnected with my uphold account and everything seemed fine. Now again it is saying “We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting” What Should I do?

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Here too! I did the same and the problem continues. I do not know what is happening.

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