Verification uphold to use our BAT

at the beginning you developers told us: come on! defend your privacy. they sold your information, nothing is free, you can EARN BAT with brave rewards. and now we can’t create uphold account in some countries. it’s funny. you told someone in this community 5-6 month ago we are on it, to make a way for you to get your BAT without verification system. i want to ask, what did you done in past 6 month and what is your plan in the future? thank you.

You can earn BAT and use Brave Rewards without verifying. Withdrawing to Uphold is a separate matter. Further, regional restrictions for Uphold verification fall on Uphold I believe, rather than Brave.

Uphold has to follow FinCEN and other regulatory compliance guidelines, which means that they cannot service countries where international financial sanctions (OFAC) are applied.

Or, in the case of some recent countries that were once supported, and are now no longer supported, Uphold may have had a high proportion of fraud or other issues that caused them to make the decision.

Thank you.

yes. i know. this is law. and they have to do it. but this is not i’m talking about. once slavery was okay and legal right for person had slaves but it was not right! if Fincen have problems with some goverments, they should deal with the goverments, not people. i don’t care if it’s right or not. i want to tell it’s not our fault. that’s i’m talking about. at least maybe you can find a way to make it happen for everyone. this is higher than borders or such a idiot things like this. you told me it’s not on Brave but i tell you it is! cause you are not going to support brave rewards for this countires for sure. am i wrong? this problems are hilarious in 2020. @Mattches

i’m trying to gain my rights. and use my BATs is it too much for you? that’s it. and in general i wan to make a way for that. there is a lot wallet that you can use your crypto without any racist issue like this. @Mattches

Not entirely sure what you’re hoping to gain from this conversation. Once again, we are simply following the necessary rules to do what we need to do legally. Apologies for the inconvenience.