Brave say uphold not verified but i did verified and it is

I received an email from Brave that say :
"To improve the security of Brave Rewards and protect against fraud, we require that creators verify their identity with Uphold.

Your earnings will be paid out in the next payment cycle after you verify your identity with Uphold. In the meantime, your earnings will be safely held in your account."

as you can see its VERIFIED in may

I absolutely agree!
Nobody warned that users will have to verify their identity on third party service. I still hope that Uphold is a temporary partner, otherwise for me (and users like me) Brave and BAT will be useless. We talk about a few dollars per year… Is it so serious?

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the worst is i did verified it but brave doesn’t see it

@issa first, you don’t need to “thread-jacking” other post with your issue. You can mentioned the team directly here, in your own thread, if you not get a response for more than 24 hours :slightly_smiling_face:

For your issue, can you try “re-connect” your Uphold account? And see if it can solve your issue.

thanks normally i don’t “thread jacking” i did that because i didn’t got an answer for 2 months now.
And i don’t know where and who to asked. I don’t blame you eljuno cause you are the only one that responded me thanks for that
…Now i click disconnect but this pop-up , im afraid now if i click it i will lose all bat after so what do you propose please?


@steeven can you dig into this please?

@issa we’ve heard a few reports of this recently, so we’ll do some digging and get back to you.

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@cory can you take a look at this?

You will not lose your BAT if you disconnect from Uphold, it stays safely in our Ledger service which all transactions are tracked :slight_smile:

Are you sure you’ve connected the correct Uphold account? I see the connected uphold account as “youmustdo” and it looks like your username on the screenshot is “youmustdo1”

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Hi, thanks all for your help i’m happy …:+1:
i did disconnect and reconnect and sounds good now
will give you news on next pay out. image

hi ALL.

I saw uphold can’t accept Canadian bank or Paypal or anything else from my bank and cards so i found a work around… is to convert in bitcoin then exchange it in other platform like to eventually withdraw in paypal.

Maybe it will help others that don’t know about this.


Hi there, sorry about that! Unfortunately, in order to be paid out you have to comply with all of Uphold’s KYC requirements. :frowning:

i just look how to convert on crypto then in coinbase maybe it can help others , thanks Assad

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