Error: Region not supported (How about just rewarding to a BAT address)

If it is so difficult to get verified. How about just paying directly to a BAT wallet. Then we can choose which company to chose may it be Coinbase, Kukoin or even BlockFi.

Hey. It’s not as easy as it looks. The process which happens as of now is that when Brave credits the BATs it’s in form of vBAT(virtual BAT) I guess, and when you connect to Uphold/Gemini they convert it to BAT. So in order to do what you’re suggesting is also having part where the other wallets support and accept this. Cheers!

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There are KYC and Anti-Money Laundering issues as well. Plus currently, vBAT can only be converted to BAT on Ethereum Network (ERC-20) so transferring BAT will incur a gas fee to be paid in ETH and that makes transferring BAT quite costly per transaction.

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Thanks @Aman_M, Seriously you guys deserve to be paid considering how big of a help you’re providing here! cheers!

Nah I don’t want to be obliged to contribute. Just happy to contribute in my way. But surely to those who are regularly active in providing support, some incentive would be welcome indeed.


Yeah, I think they should do Creators type of thing here so if anyone feels like tipping people who have been helpful, it’s there and easy to do. I know I put my Reddit and Twitter links in my profile here so people can tip if they want, but I don’t think the average person looks at the Brave Community profiles, haha.


@Saoiray Tried to send you my 2 cents from my Gemini verified mobile but probably you’ve linked your Uphold to creator’s account or due to regional restrictions (India), the amount isn’t deducted from my wallet.

Yep, lol. All I have is Uphold. It’s going to be nice next year when they open that up a little bit more.


There will be retry for 90 days from the browser. Not sure how that will end.

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Seriously I could not agree more

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Why did it work before but not now? Seems that many users are facing issues here and there. And if something like a “Region not supported”, why wasn’t there any notice issued and roughly how long it takes for it to get resolved?

They tried rolling out BATs around the globe really fast but during the process they faced pushbacks from certain regional governments, rules about KYC/AML and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also to make matters worse, people from some regions were selling Uphold/Gemini accounts on telegram and other platforms which is a fraud. So after realising what’s going on Uphold and Gemini, both told Brave to pause verification for such regions. Brave only allows regions which are allowed by Uphold and Gemini to verify.

They couldn’t have. Those changes were pretty immediate and they thought the process was gonna be smooth but rolling into more and more eregions they faced hickups. To be honest there’s no time line for which regions will be supported again and when. Brave is actively working to get regions working again. They brought France back a few weeks back, now they’re working on getting Brazil back and they’re going for India next, that’s what’s been said as of now. They’re working to get workable regions back by the end of the year.

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It is GONE… I was expecting 1.29 BAT this month. It just got reset to 0 and nothing was credited into my Uphold account…

When will this Error Region issue be solved?

Nobody knows, unfortunately. The only thing that has been said is they hope to have most “workable” countries added again by the end of the year. But whether they meet that goal is also unknown. They are already more than a month behind in adding Brazil and India again

So this means we are going to exceed the 90 days grace period and lose our rewards…

thanks for the answer.

No, it doesn’t mean that. It seems you misunderstand what that means. 90 days is what you have to Claim the Rewards in your browser. Once claimed, they are there forever as long as you don’t uninstall the browser, lose your device, or do something to erase where the BAT is stored (as it is kept in the browser, on your device).

The supported region aspect is Brave is not allowing many countries to connect Brave to Uphold or Gemini, which means no way to move BAT outside of the browser except by tipping Creators. Once they restore support, then you’ll be able to move it to a custodial exchange and then send wherever you want, including to bank accounts.

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thank you for the clarification.

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