I can't withdraw my BAT because my country has no supported wallet

You won’t pay anymore. Your app is a piece of scrap No one wants to use it except for the BAT that is earned and now you will take that away.

If you’re going to complain, at least be accurate and honest while doing so. Brave is still paying people, even if you’re not in a region that can link to a custodial account.

Nobody is taking the BAT away. You still have it. What you’re not going to be able to do is link to a custodial partner to withdraw BAT to your bank or to move elsewhere unless you are in a supported region.

Not true at all. Plenty of us use it for other purposes. I mean, iOS hasn’t been able to earn BAT because Apple won’t let us. But yet we have a lot of people who have downloaded and used it, with me as one of those people.

Believe it or not, getting $2-5/mo or so from Rewards is not that big a deal to the average person. But it’s the privacy and performance that we all prefer and use Brave for. Perhaps not you, but you’re in the minority out of the millions of users.

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Shut the heck up. Disgusting behavior. You should get your facts checked before you spam Forums.

You are the one whose attitude is inappropriate. This app is a scam. They profit with the ads they give but we cannot use our small gains because of the racist system of this app.

That’s not racism. That’s because of your government, people and stuff.

Ok, do a favor (both of you) and let’s end things here please. Conversation isn’t productive right now. Paul shared their discontent and that’s about all there is to it.

Actually, @paul0210 what country are you in? Also, have you ever been able to verify your browser with either custodial partner or would you be linking for the first time when/if your country is supported?

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