Uphold problem! [update after 8 months: nothing]

i still can’t use Uphold during this issue: Verification uphold to use our BAT - #5 and you can’t fix it after 8 months!!! that’s funny. I CAN’T USE MY BATS, someone fix this problem.

There is nothing to fix – the thread you linked to is you sharing your concerns about privacy, Uphold’s KYC policy, and regional restrictions. While I do understand them, this isn’t an “issue” that needs to be fixed, this is simply how it is at this time.

My previous response in the thread you linked is still accurate:

You can earn BAT and use Brave Rewards without verifying. Withdrawing to Uphold is a separate matter. Further, regional restrictions for Uphold verification fall on Uphold I believe, rather than Brave.

@Mattches i know what you said and you closed my topic and didn’t let me talk!! first of all this is an ISSUE because this affect on what i’m doing with brave so this is a problem have to be fixed. i did not anything wrong to accept this restrictions! so this is not my problem this is your problem and you can’t hide behind “regional restrictions for Uphold verification fall on Uphold I believe, rather than Brave.” because you make people to create uphold to use their BATs you could use something else plus you have same restrictions[kyc] for people who wants use BATs to get gift card!!! i mean omg you can’t deny it(actually you can by making new excuses)

How can I help you with your issue right now?

@Mattches, i just want to use my BATs whenever i want, at least redeem BATs for gift cards.

And I completely understand that, truly. If you’d like to leave feedback about your frustrations regarding Uphold, we welcome you to do so in our Feedback category. However, I was asking how/what you want me/support to do about this issue now.

Again, I’m happy to listen to your feedback, and we do understand how it can be viewed as contradictory/antithetical, but I cannot change the legality/law of the situation, nor can I force the rest of the company to scrap everything and pick a new partner because not all users are happy about it.

We have plans to introduce Gemini user wallets soon – perhaps their policies will be more convenient for you.


Wow, that`s great news, so glad to see were gonna have a decent off ramp service

@Mattches, oh isee. you/support can’t do anything about it, i’m asking Brave to do something about it, literally millions of people are unable to use their BATs and as you said Brave don’t care “because not all users are happy about it.” it’s not about being happy, it’s not feedback it’s ISSUE/PROBLEM. it’s about lacking of your service to your users. however simply could do something to keep all users happy. there is no different between Gemini and Uphold policies. i’m doing this to other people knows what’s going on maybe Brave do something, i’ll be back 8 months later and i’m sure nothing changed. [i’ll share this conversation to my social media]

Thank you again for your feedback.
We’ll see you then!