vBAT is eliminated

I understand that in April of this year vBat will disappear. What alternative can you propose for those who, like me, live in a country where none of the custodial accounts are available, but want to continue seeing ads, and who have an account open with Brave.

Thank you.

They are trying real hard to get regions back. They might also add new custodial partners to help with this. But that’s something even Brave can’t guarantee about. Not sure if that will happen before sunsetting of vBAT.

If at the end of the vBat I still can't have an account connected, what will happen with both current and future earnings.

Thank you.

You won’t get your current earnings. The ads you see and BATs they should pay you will directly be auto contributed to creators. You will start earning and get BATs only when connected.

This is the end of the Ponzi Scheme by Brave Rewards and the worst part is that they will launch rewards in your country again to repeat the cycle after April.

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