unable to get rewards

Why i can’t generate bat this month. someone explain to me?

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if you have not verified with either uphold gemini or bitflyer that is likely the cause. vbat is no longer given to unverified users but auto contributed instead.

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What @lowner mentioned is absolutely right.
Just adding this in case you want more details about the changes

I am verified with Gemini and for some reason Brave just stopped accruing BAT after .595 in the beginning of the month, and i know for a FACT i shouldve gotten way more…

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don’t worry, now your bat belongs to brave, good luck next month.

i guess the 2.626 bat will go to their wallet because im not in a supported region

once april comes it will reset and all of it will be on brave’s vault. probably because they want to boost the value of the coin through circulating it to the network rather than not getting used to.


is that Sarcasm? why would my rewards belong to brave?

where do you think the vbat goes after they completely remove it for unsupported countries?

I find on my desktop browser if i turn off the ads that is when i receive ads. perhaps that is happening on yours as well? Another month of Brave sorting out their code which has been flipped the wrong way. Last month it was on the mobile browser, this month seems to be the desktop browser. I will post my total earned ads at the end of the month and i bet it will be single digits due to this issue.

Seems perfectly fine on my laptop.
Could you restart Brave / the machine once and try?
Also turning rewards off for some time and then turning it on again has worked for me in the past when had similar issues.

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