Brave Rewards Something Happened with the ads

Good morning everyone,

Something weird happened today. In the beginning of February I was receiving per ad 0,025BATs. Starting today Brave is only giving 0,001BATs per ad. Did something happen @steeven , @SaltyBanana?

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Same problem over here, strange and curious what the reason is.

Please check what the ads will be paying at

there are major changes happening and one of them is the complete removal of virtual BAT or vBATs up until April. That’s why u wont see anymore ads and the payout system is unavailable. their usual notification here is already gone.
if your unverified, connect it on Uphold or Gemini. if your in unsupported region you dont have any option but to connect or lose all those BATs u saved until April. it will be refreshed to zero and your only option is to donate it on brave creators.

its really unfortunate on my side since I’m unverified and i cant do anything until April and Brave refreshed it to zero.


Where can I read about that? I have been searching but found nothing…

check the rewards tab and click learn more

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Same issue here, this is ridiculous…

I’have take a look at the sampson page previously suggested, and it says that the ad I am viewing is payed 0.025.

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