Lost All BAT in brave browser

I hadn’t used brave for a while since the brave rewards fiasco in India. But I had some BAT in my browser and not connected previously to any custodial partners. I don’t remember exactly how much but, I can see previous earnings from the statement. But now it’s entirely ZERO. Is this a mistake? Please help me. @Evan123 @Saoiray @Mattches @chriscat

@sujayrao Has it been a long time since you’ve used it? Because ever since the beginning of this year, you’ve not been able to earn BAT unless you’re connected to a custodial account. One of the notices that had been made was https://brave.com/rewards-changes/

There have been some who thought their vBAT balances went to zero, but if they went to brave://rewards-internals they were able to see there. So that’s what I’d suggest for you to check. If that’s missing, I’d ask if you happened to uninstall Brave, reformatted your device, or anything like that?

Btw, if you’ve not been seeing all the news, I also advise you to check out links below:

It has been long time since I used brave. I haven’t used it since I was not earning any BAT. And yes, I checked rewards-internals and it shows 0. And I haven’t uninstalled brave, I just didn’t open it in months.

Can you please submit a ticket with us here:

Once done, please let me know your ticket number and I’ll make sure someone takes a look.

Thank you

Case number for my ticket is 219164

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