vBat elimination in april 2023

What is vBat elimination can anyone explain or share article regarding it.

In short, if you’re not connected to Uphold / Gemini in brave rewards, the BATs which display is called vBAT (virtual BAT). vBAT has no real value and is like rewards points for credit cards. When you connect to Uphold / Gemini, that vBAT is converted to BAT. Then you can sell or stake that BATs.

The vBAT which you will have if not connected will expire in April. Those BATs will disappear until unless you connect.

Are you from India?
Employee of brave or just a random user?

Yep. I am from India.

Nah man, just a user.

What you did with your vBat ,
Any chance they get India in before april

Don’t think so. I tipped those BATs.
Unfortunately, that was the option we have at the moment. For unsupported region updates, you can follow

It would be better if they tell us the exact date of removing vBat, so that we get enough time to think or wait if in case India comed under supported region .

Don’t matter na. If they get India back, you will get the vBATs. They are not telling the date cause they have yet not decided since they want to give maximum time to users to adjust to the changes. Once decided they’ll update us.

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The date doesn’t really matter. The only important part is this one
“existing users without a custodial account connected will receive a final vBAT payout for any February earnings in March.”

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Are you talking about this?

Nope we are talking about the BATs that show up in ‘Your balance’ section.
All those BATs will expire if you don’t / can’t connect before vBAT deadline.

No offense to brave but if they get unsupported regions back after eliminating vBat then isn’t it a kind of ponzi scheme. Brave doesn’t have to pay bat to the users that means their expenditure decreases and profit increase. If they do that I’m sure some people recognise their tactic and won’t fall again to it but majority will continue to use brave ads believing they won’t be scammed again, who knows what happens next year.

If it they care they would do it before vBat elimination.

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