Brave Reward page Earning Section is not showing Earnings for this months

After receiving last month’s rewards, facing an issue with this Earning section, It’s showing this month earning __(img below).


I regularly shut down my laptop and browser also upto date.

Can anyone explain me this “Important Changes to brave” in simple language or in a simplified manner?
Thank You

I’ll try to.
Basically what they’re saying is that
If you aren’t connected to Uphold / Gemini after 1.48.X update, the BAT you accumulate after viewing ads won’t be paid as vBAT anymore. Instead, it’ll be distributed between verified creators. So you need to connect to Uphold / Gemini to earn BATs now.
If you’re from an unsupported region, nothing can be done till they add back support. Any vBATs earned till now will stay till April and if your country is supported by then youll be able to connect to Uphold / Gemini to get the BATs. If they aren’t able to get your region back by April, bid goodbye to your BATs.

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TL:DR = If you can’t connect to a custodial partner, such as Uphold or Gemini, you can’t earn BAT.

Also, any vBAT that you have in browser, such as the 19 we see in your screenshot, will be going away around April. So will either need to connect by then, tip it away, or know it will not be usable.

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SCAM ALERT. How can you brave team just take away the already earned BATs?

I have minted these BAT tokens how can Brave distroy minted tokens?? Like seriously!! its a scam. We are using brave for thi??

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