Brave took away years of my BAT rewards just randomly and refuses to help

Posted here a few months ago about my rewards of a few years disappearing one day. My ticket got instantly closed and Mod redirected me to brave help center that didn’t help me at all and just closed the ticket so i couldn’t even answer. I dont understand

Hello! What is your ticket number? Happy to take a look. Thanks!

@AlexFF I just was looking at post you’re saying where mod closed and directed to Help Center is at Scammed 4 years of rewards

What you’re showing is that you weren’t connected to a custodial account and therefore was using vBAT. This vBAT never was able to transfer between devices and the only way to save it was to be connected to a custodial partner, such as Uphold or Gemini, so you could receive the payments and keep them on that account.,

You then posted in November about your balance disappearing. Again, if you weren’t connected to Uphold or Gemini, then you would have lost all vBAT due to its sunsetting. This was announced for almost a year, such as in links below which had been shared in topics here, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

So there’s no scam or doing wrong. It’s just that you never connected to a custodial account as would have been required in order to preserve your earnings.

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