BAT disappeared after connecting uphold

Not sure how to retrieve these, have looked though old threads about this issue but could not get anything working.

Any help would be appreciated.


@lj97 I’m a bit confused on what you’re saying. We just finished sunsetting vBAT at the end of last month. This means no longer would any BAT be in your browser. You only would be able to earn BAT after connecting to Uphold or one of the other custodial partners.

If you had any BAT (called vBAT) in your browser from earnings last year when you could earn without being connected to Uphold, then you had through October to link to Uphold. If you didn’t link in October, then that vBAT would be gone.

So what BAT are you saying disappeared?
When did you connect to Uphold?

Hi, that is correct. I started the transfer (And connected my uphold) at the end of October before the deadline, however I am yet to see any deposits into my uphold account.

That’s definitely the main thing I wanted to check. There are a few things that may be going on. The primary thought is perhaps as they review things, you’ve been flagged. This has happened to a number of people, some of whom got the flag removed. Other possibility is it was near enough to the end of the month that it decided to roll the payment over to the following month, meaning you’d receive it in December.

Regardless of which situation, I’m going to highly suggest you create a Rewards Support Ticket at

Hopefully they’ll get a response to you fairly quick. Just keep in mind it generally takes AT LEAST 3-5 business days (meaning can’t count weekends or holidays) before they see tickets. Then can be a couple more days for responses. Key aspect I’m pointing out here is a bit of patience may be required. I only say this because too many people get impatient and rude, as they expect responses in like 24 hours or something, lol.

Once you submit the ticket, I’d also recommend you reply here to advise the ticket has been made and that you share the ticket number here as well. Purpose in sharing the ticket number is sometimes a Support agent might have some extra time and can try to quickly look into things sooner than they would have otherwise.

Okay, thanks for the swift response! Have created a ticket:235928 for this now.

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